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SEO & Marketing

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It's amazing how many people have a website, but no-one sees it.  They spend lots of money on the development and set-up of the site but customers don't find it when they're looking.

Once your website is built it needs to be noticed!

It is vital your website is found by potential customers, just as it is that flyers are distributed to the correct area and advertising boards are well placed to be noticed by as many potential customers as possible.  We work hard at getting your site found and ranked highly with search engines through a combination of essential SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques.

Optimising your website to be found by search engines is critical to ensure your website works for you.  As part of our web design and hosting services we include the essential SEO measures - from the ground up - to help your site be found by your potential customers.

Key in this process is knowing how to target these customers and how to optimise your website to match this.  We will discuss with you the search terms you wish your website to be found against, and we will also research your type of business on the internet to make further recommendations, so that when someone searches they will find your website higher up in the search results.

If you want to go further, we can also offer a variety of online marketing solutions, including business listing sites, free & paid online advertising and banners, email and other marketing tools to help your business, products and services get noticed by potential customers.

Do you have a website already that isn't working hard enough for you?  We can offer a comprehensive SEO report of your existing website's optimisation to help improve its status with search engines.  We can also implement the recommendations to make your existing site work harder.

Contact us now for a free quote and to discuss your needs.